Lone Star Wiring & Alarm

We Install Flat Panel TV's! 

Have your TV professionally mounted for only $199.  Be sure to have it installed safely and professionally. At last check, Best Buy charges $300 for the same service. Call today. 



We have a large selection of wall mounts for everything from your computer screen to your large flat panel TV for prices way below outside retail.  Don't pay those high prices at big box electronic stores. Not sure what hardware you need?  Call today for a free consultation.

Our $199 installation includes:

Standard Wall Mounted Flat Panel Installation

  • Installing the mounting bracket on the wall.  We have brackets available for sale for a fraction of the price you would pay at the electronic stores. 
  • Mounting the TV to the bracket
  • Connecting the TV to a pre-existing AC power supply 
  • Concealing cables in a standard frame wall, from tuner to the TV

  • Call us for your home theater needs.



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