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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does monitoring cost?

Monitoring rates begin at $24.99 per month for new analog land line customers.  Cellular  upgrades are available for customers with digital phone lines or no home phone. Visit our MONITORING page for more details.

2. What are Lone Star Wiring & Alarm specials?

Lone Star Wiring & Alarm strives to offer you an affordable, low-cost and highly-reliable system that fits into your budget every day.

3. How long does the monitoring contract last?

Unlike the BIG security companies who require 5 year contracts, we never ask you to sign a contract.

4. Who will provide the monitoring service?

Monitronics International, a UL listed, Five Diamond Central Alarm Monitoring Center located right here in Dallas, TX.

5. What is the Response Time?

10 - 16 Seconds

6. Who does the installation of the security system?

Lone Star Wiring alarm has professional, licensed installation technicians available for all your service needs.

7. Where is Lone Star Wiring & Alarms service available?

To meet the needs of northern Texas, we are currently located in Richardson, TX and service the entire DFW metroplex.  DFW is our area of concentration so you will receive close, personal service and protection from people that live among you.

8. Do you use subcontractors?

Absolutely not. We are Owner Operated. In other words, the owner himself will make sure your security alarm is installed to highest standards.

9. What is most frequently the cause of false alarms?

a. Accidental activation by cleaning crews, new employees, children or house sitters.

b. Using incorrect keypad codes.

c. Failing to train authorized users.

d. Failure to secure doors and windows once the alarm is turned on.

e. Wandering pets.

f. Failure by businesses to notify monitoring company of unscheduled openings and closings.

g. Not requiring the monitoring company to notify persons on the contact list before calling the police.

h. Improper installation of equipment.

i. Faulty equipment, keypads, batteries, panes or detectors.

j. Ghosts (just Kidding folks!)

10. Who should I call if there are ever problems with my system?

Call Lone Star Wiring & Alarm for direct assistance or for scheduled maintenance on your system. 214-629-6139

11. Can I upgrade a system that I already own?

Of course! We offer a full line of low voltage products for your home security needs. We can upgrade your system with any product that you purchase through Lone Star Wiring & Alarm. The security industry is always producing more “high-tech” gadgets that you may want to have such as high resolution cameras, remote systems, and exterior motion detectors.

12. Does Lone Star Wiring & Alarm give anything for referrals?

For a limited time, we are offering our current customers a free month of monitoring service when they refer a friend or family member who becomes a customer of Lone Star Wiring & Alarm. Please visit our REFER A FRIEND  page to get started.

13. Do I need an alarm permit? If so, how do I obtain a permit?

Most likely. Most cities and jurisdictions require security system owners to have an alarm permit before they will send emergency personnel to your home. In some areas, it is unlawful to have monitoring service without first having a permit, which could result in fines up to $500 per dispatch. To determine if your city requires a permit, contact your local city hall or police station.

14. That other big company if offering a FREE alarm system. Why doesn't Lone Star Wiring & Alarm have this same deal?

We invite you to do the math when comparing alarm system price quotes. Companies that give away free systems will charge you higher monthly monitoring rates and will make you sign a long term contract in order to recoup the costs of the so-called "FREE" system. We COULD operate our business this way, but we choose not to. We offer straight-forward, honest pricing, low monitoring rates and no contracts or credit checks. We sleep better at night this way.

15. What happened to Dubaha Security?

Lone Star Wiring & Alarm bought Dubaha Security. The owner of Lone Star Wiring & Alarm was a former employee of Dubaha Security. If you have had a security system installed by Dubaha Security, it is more than likely that the owner of Lone Star Wiring & Alarm was the technician that installed it. You will continue to receive the same great local service that you have come to expect, but now with an easier name. If you are a Dubaha customer, your monitoring account has not changed and you will continue to be protected 24/7/365. Please feel free to call 214-629-6139 if you have any further questions.

TX license # B15115 | 214-629-6139 | www.lonestarwa.com

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