Lone Star Wiring & Alarm

We do things a bit differently around here. We don't care about your credit score, we won't ask you for your social security number and we won't make you sign a contract. Ever.
Come on board. You can decide at any time to stop your monitoring services for any reason, without any further obligation or buy-outs.  Since you own your equipment, you keep it. Take it where ever you go.  We think you will find our way of doing business refreshing. Ask the other guys their policies on your credit score and long term contracts. 

So, Let's cut to the chase. How much will a new security alarm cost me?

It is challenging to quote a price without more information about your individual needs, because every customer is different.  Security alarms are not a one-size-fits-all business. If you’ll fill out our estimate request form below, we will call or e-mail you to chat about your needs.  We can usually give you a rough estimate over the phone, or next day by e-mail.   Then, we can schedule an appointment for a free in-home security consultation to determine your exact needs, and give you a personalized quote.  It’s free, and there is absolutely no obligation.  We are security technicians, so you get the added benefit of some free advice and consultation in talking to us.   When you talk to us, you won't talk to any "salespeople".  You will talk to knowledgeable, licensed security technicians who have your best security in mind.  Call Today 214-629-6139

Need Professional Wiring?

We specialize in low voltage structured Wiring /trimming and installation in newly constructed residential and commercial buildings
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